Introduction: Making Your Backpack Lighter.

I know I was sick and tired of carrying my HEAVY books in my backpack and my locker was not near any of my classes so I usually carried my books, or I left them at home. If I could have used some of these during high school I would have. I actually have used these for college classes so they do work.

• USB drives are amazing devices they are small, lightweight, nearly any computer can use them. They can carry all your music, videos, documents, and books for your use.
• this really maximizes the use of your USB drive, you can install these apps onto your USB drive and all you need is a computer to use them.
• Buy the electronic version of your textbook.
• Scan your books and turn them to PDF files. The only downside to doing this is that it takes a few hours of scanning your books. WARNING!!!! Scanning books are one of those gray areas, so please do not share or make any of your scanned book for public viewing or access.
• eBook readers, apps, & tablets are great way of reading all your books.
• Using the Cloud, with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Skybox, you can store all your books there.

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