Introduction: Making Your Own Auxilary Cable

With 2 headphones tape and some time you can make your own aux cable for your car, stereo, computer, Tv there are a lot of uses

Step 1: Decide on Your Headphones and Splice the Cables

First you have to decide on our headphones.
When deciding make sure both cables have the same criteria

The both have the same # of Cables on the inside either 3 or 4
They both work
Your willing to destroy them

Now choose how long you want each end and cut. Then strip the wires by using a wire stripper or scissors.

Step 2: Burn the Strings in the Wires (if Necessary)

Once you strip the cable you may notice that there may be fuzz covering the wire if there is it will be necessary to burn it away for it to work (trust me i know)

Step 3: Connect the Wires

This step is fairly easy there are 2 ways to do this

1. Twist them together and tape them
2. Use a bit of solder to connect them

After you decide how you will connect them connect the wires together (if your using shrink tube to keep it together put it on now)
Connect all colors to the corresponding color on each side
make sure they do not touch or they will short.

Step 4: Cover It Up

Now cover the wires using the shrink tube you put on or some electrical tape.
Cover each wire and make sure they don't touch each other or they can short

Step 5: Does It Work? and Conclusion

Does it Work? Of Course!!

All in all this is an inexpensive and possibly free way to have a nice long aux cable. And logically thinking nothing says you cant use 3 or more cables. So thanks for viewing!! But this isnt the best quality ever but its okay.

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