Making Your Own Language

Introduction: Making Your Own Language

So you seen James Cameron's "Avatar" and was fasinated that he and Frommer had created a fully functional language, or maybe you are writing a book and wanted the same.......or maybe you just wanna drive your friends and family nuts (unless your teaching them) by talking in a foreign tongue, well no need to worry.....*we do not live in the Dark Ages so people shouldn't beleive you are possesed*.

I have found a site that may explain somethings i do not and will be able to help you with the Grammar of your language.

So some things we will have to do are as follows:
-Alphabet (doesnt have to have english characters)
-Word Creation
-and what ever else you think will help make this unique

I am of no way held responsible for anything that may or may not happen to you using your own language........i dearly apologize if you are abducted by 9 ft tall blue people, get slapped by your girlfriend cause of mistranslation or if you are beleived to be possesed by your Crazy Great Aunt......please use these tools responsibly.

now then, lets move on......

Step 1: The Alphabet

Haha this part is quite literaly easy as abc.....
All you have to do is choose how many vowels you want, how many constanants you want and write/draw out the symbols.  In Frommer's Na'vi there are words with two characters instead of one like "aw" or "kx" these can be created to make one letter (vowel or constonant) for your language.Note this can vary the complexity of your Language, for example: in english "c" and "k" can both make the same sounds and "c" and "s" can make the same sounds so the need for "c" is not entirely needed. It can also vary the complexity in that you can have one letter for every sound you can think of or maybe some, like "c" can share sounds.....with that in mind you could have a 100 letter alphabet or mabey only a 15 letter alphabet, what ever you decide.

I know this seems like a lot so take your time and when your ready continue on.........

Step 2: Sounds (Sa-ow-n-dz)

So now that you have your alphabet......and how wonderful it is, you can go on to creating a sound, or sounds, for your alphabet, this is where your accent will come from and this will also help with the complexity of your language. Just try creating unique sounds or use ones you already know and match them up with the symbol/letter of your choice.......simple i know.

So when you have all the sounds to your hearts conempt......let go on to the next step.

Step 3: Creating Words (and Worlds)

Ok so here is where you start taking your letters and sounds and making words.
Before you start, you may want to place some rules like only a vowel can start a new syllable, or maybe every word must start with a possibilitie of 5 letters, create whatever rules you want this step is optional. So now you start randomly smackin' letters together and sound them out from front to back......if it doesnt work (and occasionaly it wont) try either starting a new one or replace the trouble letter with one that will fit. it does help to use vowels here. How often do you see a language with a word pronounced "ghrtljwqurtghl". Now creating these words will take a while, Frommer's Na'vi started in 2005 and is still expanding today. Just keep note of all the words you create and refer back to them when your going to create a new word you dont dont want two totally different words sharing the same spelling.
You may want to move on to the next step before continueing this one. If you get tired you may want to stop writing words and come back to it later. Trust me, you will start to see the letters all mush up and make no sense......if this happens please take a break.

Step 4: Grammar

This is where your language really puts some meat on that skeleton. This is where your language creates verbs, nouns, adjectives, plurals and everything else. Some things to consider is do your nouns include genderism. Is there past, present and future tense in your verbs. And everything else. this part can be complicated so please take your time.

Step 5: Style

Step 6: Extras

This is where you add anything else that comes to mind like slang or dialect.... all those extras that help create something new. Please send me your i am just starting mine, i may post an instructable later on my language, how to speak it, spell it and everything else.

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7 weeks ago

Azares ayn Story för đe lınguc.
Азарес аын Сторы фөр ҙе лінгуџ.
Here is a Story for the language.

Danır tag'stetnır awn đe zәy,
Maƣır cöy đe ħekür,
ƣır, đe vass'er cakbo'yürisidcedь,
üns ain әousür dawẃarmi'invadedь đe zәy,
ain Tsunami,
xәyýirgapülar, ŋetь eğlƣopqıwasvürь ɍıkçoyedь,
ŋetь danır was ħıħ'şşklmvbarincürçışkь
rumorentrmdlbɍkɍ đe „Ħolı'spakçoyýaredь‟ đe dәklarәk
ɍak villst ŋetьlarıbәn'nolıc.

I decided to do Cyrillic because I didn't give it much attention and it's written in Cyrillic too.

Данір, тагъстетнір аѡн ҙе зәы,
Мағлір чөы ҙе ԧекүр,
ғір, ҙе вассъер џакбоъыүрисидџедь ҙе зәы,
аин Цунами,
хәыѵиргапүлар, ңеть еґлғопқіѡасвүрь,
руморентрмдлбԗкԗ ҙе "Ԧоліъспакчоыѵаредь" ҙе дәкларәк,
ԗак виллст ңетьларібәнъноліџ

One day, sitting on the beach,
Looking out the Horizon,
Waves splashing,
but, the water suddenly receded,
and a massive wave invaded the beach,
a tsunami,
thankfully, no lives were taken,
no one was severely injured,
rumors fly about how the "Gods" spared the people,
we will never know.


7 weeks ago

Celkemezü đeƣösılıqapqo vön die Timilzce alfabet.
Welcome to the introduction to the Timilian alphabet

Aa = A as in Father (a)
Əә = A as in Cat (æ, ә)
Bb = B as in Boat (b)
Cc = J as in Joke (dʒ)
Çç = Ch as in Chill (ʧ)
Dd = D as in Don't (d)
Đđ = Th as in The (ð)
Ee = E as in Elephant (e)
Ff = F as in Finish (f)
Gg = This sound does not exist in English (g)
Ƣƣ = This sound does not exist in English (ɣ)
Ğğ = This sound does not exist in English (Ø;')
Hh = H as in Hide (h)
Ħħ = This sound does not exist in English (ħ)
Xx = Ch as in Bach (x)
Iı = This sound does not exist in English (ɯ)
İi = E as in English (i)
Kk = K as in Kept (k)
Qq = G as in Goat (g)
Ll = L as in Lend (l)
Mm = M as in Ment (m)
Nn = N as in No (n)
Ŋŋ = Ng, as in King, Ŋ = Ñ as in Señorita (ŋ, ɲ)
Oo = O as in Oat (oʊ)
Öö = I as in Bird (ø)
Pp = P as in Pack (p)
Rr = This sound does not exist in English (r)
Ɍɍ = This sound does not exist in English (r̝)
Ss = S as in Snake (s)
Şş = Sh as in Shin (ʃ)
Tt = T as in Trill (t)
Ţţ = Th as in Thin (θ)
Uu = U as in Uber (u)
Üü = This sound does not exist in English (ü)
Vv = V as in Vast (v)
Ww = W as in Why (w)
Ẃẃ = This letter is for distinguishing (w)
Yy = Y as in Yet (j)
Ýý = This letter is for distinguishing (j)
Zz = Z as in Zebra (z)
Ƶƶ = S as in Fraisure (ʒ)
Ьь = This sound does not exist in English (')
' = D as in Garden (ʔ)

Đe alfabet vön Timilzce es sәncoyýipeŋьvön Türkik linguƣalpqın.
The alphabet of Timilian is based off Turkic languages.


Word Order:
Word order is SVO,

For example,
She loves him
Sәncıeƣlısә Hısәncı.

Agglutination is a term used to describe gluing on endings to add on meaning to the word, this can end up with some VERY long words.


Cat's are doing nothing.

Agglutination works a bit differently than most,

So basically
He said no = Hisәncısәmar ŋet
If a word has no vowels, take Ƣvlrstvm, meaning Organ, like the tissue, you glue it to the word in front, like this.
Skin is an organ
Ubdır es ainƣvlrstvm.

If you understand the word order, SVO, you quickly find out that you just add the Subject and Verb together, like

He said no = Hisәncısәmar ŋet

This in English would look like

Hesaid no.


Plurals end with N, En, Eŋ, Ŋ, Enь, Eŋь Nь, Ŋь (The last four in Russian loadwords)
The Girl's finger was bitten
Đe Gısәncın cakşoyţınwas bitak.


Past; 'Ak
He already died.
Hisәncıd'alçiyýi ölmek'ak.

Present; Eŋь
The barn is being torn down
Đe qapkılı es delŋeŋь sәlbeŋь cedırmı.

Future; Udь
I will do it.
Izcevıludь über etь.

Y, Ý, W, and Ẃ:

Because (') represents a glottal stop (Like the D in "Garden"), we can't seperate (Y) vowel sounds and (Y) consonant sounds, same with (W), so we tacked on a stress mark (´) to tell.

For example:
The yellow frog just bit my sister.
Đe yai caşakmesır besi

Other things to know:

Ğ doesn't really have a sound, it's use to lengthen letters.

Like, Çьaçığl, meaning Survive.

Şş, and Ƶƶ are hard sounds, with more emphasis.

More information coming soon


2 months ago on Step 3

A - Appel (appel)
B - Bijk (biyk)
C - Chokolat (chokolat)
D - Drym (drum)
E - Eix'a (eidz?a)
F - Fytbol (futbol)
G - Grakey (grakeu)
H - Hand (hand)
I - Irman (irman)
J - Jyggele (yugelle)
K - Krakys (krakus)
L - Limon (limon)
M - Marka (marka)
N - Nyje (nuje)
O - Orangi (orangi)
P - Pil (pil)
R - Raketa (raketa)
S - Stol (stol)
T - Tron (tron)
Y - Ylej (uley)
V - Velosiped (velosiped)
X - X-Raj (dz-raj)
Z - Zebra (zebra)
' - 'alym (?alum)


3 months ago on Step 2

A = a
B = b
C = ts
D = d
E = e
F = f
G = g
H = h
I = i
J = y
K = k
L = l
M = m
N = n
O = o
P = p
R = r
S = s
T = t
Y = u
V = v
X = dz
Z = z
' = ?


3 months ago on Step 1

Tutru Alphabet:
X Z '


Tip 5 months ago

Koch script


9 months ago

Sevak de Imiseyu
Etu, sevak de kiksi ni yuyon von keni vina omoro.
Ani yuyon wau, sonhrou-yu yuse nihon-yu en chippatete.
(Tatkok’i dekik wau so mishyun-yuyon go besuretei naare.)
Imiseyu wau, nei aafuabet chosi ganen, toya aru kogaziton “Hajogonra” oyobi “Kankik” men ganen. (Hin, roomagu men mo zengankopa.)
Chai renppa, tokunii chai tens en Imiseyu wau ppokiu nei-se.
(The transcript is shown in picture that I posted)

Introduction of “Imiseyu”
Hello, I’m going to introduce my own language “Imiseyu”
My own language is inspired from Chinese, Japanese and English
(Vocabularies were mostly based on these three languages)
Imiseyu is written in a writing system called “Hajogonra” and “Chinese Characters” instead of alphabet. (Although it can change to romanized form too)
Its grammar, especially the tense in Imiseyu is not complex.
(The transcript is shown in picture that I posted)
by the way, "Imiseyu" came from the word "Imiseko" which means bloom in English.


Reply 5 months ago

The alphabet looks gorgeous.

_Minty Voyager_
_Minty Voyager_

5 months ago

Mihuninino! Mniek nianehreau ine nehnounei sannonehu ekuunei, hakreunei i yeinini nemihnoye eknore unemihu animihahakuunei.
Unemihu nianehreau ine aniniusan Kaine.

Translation: Hello! My language is not done yet, but i will show you the alphabet. The language is called Kaine.

_Minty Voyager_
_Minty Voyager_

Reply 5 months ago

Sorry if my language seems amateur in terms of writing neatness and stuff!


1 year ago

I want to make a language but I don’t want to do it alone


Reply 9 months ago

I have started creating my own language and i can help or include you into mine i called it ràkônia


12 months ago

Kiwrandote mona Scaroh, indane Magvrikvsy obita, kidan gawandite lingwinarvk Anglosy et'Rvssosy. Do! Ozer ado liieg. Nad kreatvndato per lingwinarv pora mon-a-mon. Kiwrandy: Fsirtinivsy. Ozze ad'indike loko komplexy, se ad'iielandkite loko lektik, do mondane irand sektvsvrk, iiotta vnsandates lingwinarv Fsirtinivsy...
(My name is Scaroh, I'm a Hungarian man who speaks English and Russian. But! Those are not enough. I had to create a language for myself. It is called: Fsirtinian. It's not too complex, and hasn't got many words, but I can write sentences while using the Fsirtinian language...)
Vocabulary based mostly on Hungarian, English and Russian.
Alphabet: Fsirtinian Archaic Script (159 letters+punctuation), Fsirtinian Latin Script (26 letters)
Fusional-style grammar, artistic language.
Morphology makes difference between living and non-living subjects, unlike genders in other languages. (Eg.: He, She, It)
The name comes from "Friday, the Thirteenth", the date when I started creating this language. (13. 09. 2019.) (Friday-Thirteen, F-Thirteen, Fthirteen, Fsirtinian) (Hope it doesn't bring bad luck...)


1 year ago

La idoma e maneiñ "Asnitayo", le usiñ de la Asnitayi trepra. La mane, Asnitayo e du ton asnitayo vush marajes La asnyi Idoma. Asnitayo e yun añaline jne Ton Tyulixho an penceiñ subé yun celo jne la modexna Tyulixho ot Tyulr gi la lingviaumse demo la hent au deútsh idomas no como la xero an no xopje. La vazé jne asnilaesja re je shvo "Asnitayo e yun dint idoma ushnê con sva majox, dra la asnitayo e shinal gaz Ton Tyulixho le has no xelaje suf la Tylr"

"The language is called 'Asnitayo' , it is spoken in the asnitayan peninsula. The name, Asnitayo is from old asnitayo which means the eternal language. Asnitayo is a daughter of old tyulixho and is considered to be sister language of modern tyulixho which is also called as Tyulr by the linguistics, but the people of both languages don't agree. The government of asnilaesja states that 'Asnitayo is a different language now with its own culture, even though it has its roots from old tyulixho, it ha no relation to the Tyulr"

On the contrary, the tyulixhian government states that

"Да асны ан крэ т басайск ны т созда Тюлр. Крэск маж ойз шинал дамисм" (da asnyi an kre t basask nyi t so da tyulr. Kresk mazh auz shinal damism) (the asnitayan language and its people are a variant of tyulr. They're more or less the same)


1 year ago

I have been working on my language and FINALLY made a phonetic alphabet I can read. My language is a very complex auxiliary language Inspired by Slavic and Germanic vocabulary using the grammatical case system and the word order close to that of Croatian's. I have been tweaking it for about 5 years. Here is a sample of the dialogue from one SpongeBob episode (because I love it lol)
-Erzäler: ohh, tó je nedjelja-jútró ú Bikini-Bottomú, áh je ok témtú za Squidwardak ywþicat sej claríneta. Täk lydíkajt svasja þéra-útikaśa.
-Squidward: [póljúbjie onj claríneta] Þainim da ča úitrít Bikini Bottomú mali stvwajú mjúzíkiú. [on lydíkajt jegat sej claríneta, áh SpongeBobova trévogda-horúgda oféčjie, symperavajt Squidwardov claríneta ento onj þróta] Jäw! [Drubajt vánbrät claríneta sejaz þrótak.]
Aa (Аа)-contact
Áá (Áá)-father
Ää (Ää)-fat
Bb (Бб)-book
Cc (Цц)-cat, tsunami (ts after "e" and "i")
Čč (Чч)-chip
Dd (Дд)-dad
Đđ (Ђђ)-jacket
Ee (Ее)-bet
Éé (Éé)-way
Ff (Фф)-fill
Gg (Гг)-girl
Hh (Хх)-hat, loch
Ii (Ии)-hear
Íí (И́и́)-his
Jj (Јј)-yes
Kk (Кк)-kick
Ll (Лл)-love
Ljlj (Љљ)-no English equivalent; close to “million”
Mm (Мм)-mom
Nn (Нн)-nine
Njnj (Њњ)-jalapeño
Oo (Оо)-pond
Óó (Óó)-go
Pp (Пп)-pet
Þþ (Џџ)-that
Rr (Рр)-rat
Ss (Сс)-sit
Šš (Шш)-shaft
Śś (Ћћ)-a hard "xsh"
Tt (Тт)-tough
Uu (Уу)-bull
Úú (У́у́)-school
Vv (Вв)-vacuum
Ww (Ѕѕ)-water
Zz (Зз)-zoo
Žž (Жж)-casual


Tip 1 year ago

Tell me your opinion. It's very important in the development of my language


3 years ago

Ei mirna ! Määksi carre ? Mol’man ”Nahärie"(Whera men namihuin. Kono riwnadil imi laoeva emar gramer' balies) laoeva’on varänähuin märiendil.

"Valänar’ma lele aimäli

Gimeo’ar uärrim quendil

Gwäin’ar sourän cällisse selmeä

Cälärca lemär’on silmärrie liiro"

Nycanihe ?


Hey guys ! How are you ? Here is a poem I wrote in "Naharie"( Completley made-up by me. But It has got grammer like a real language.) language.

Angels dancing in the sky.

"Light spread by sun.

Source of hope is infinite love.

Life is short in the eye of god."

Did you like it.