Introduction: Making Your Own Book!

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This tutorial shows you how to make your own book.
For the binding I only use glue.

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need scissors, paper, some thicker paper or cardboard, depending on how strong you want your cover to be, PVA glue, a brush for the glue, a knife, a pencil, a ruler and paper for the cover. You can also use cloth if you want to.

Step 2: Measure Your Pages

First of all, you need to cut some paper to the size you want the pages to be.
Let's say you want a book of the size 15x10cm.
But you have to add 1cm to one side of the book.
Add the 1cm to the side where you want the binding to be. In this case it would be 16x10cm, because it would be a landscape format book. Sort of like the one I made.

Step 3: Make the Inside of Your Book

Now that you've got all the pages, it's time to start preparing them.
Measure about 1cm on the left side of each page and mark this line. Then, carefully, score this marked line with the knife. Be careful not to cut the small piece off, you only score it so it's easier to fold the paper.
Once you've scored all the pages, fold them along the marked line.
You will end up with a whole lot of single pages

Step 4: Glue the Pages Together

Get the PVA glue out. You can use other glue if you can't find PVA, but it won't stick that well, and the pages really have to stick together, otherwise your book will fall apart.

Now apply some glue on the folded over piece of each page. It might be better for you to practice first, because it can be tricky getting the amount of glue right. If you use too much your pages will get crinkly, if you don't use enough the pages won't stick together.

Do one page after another. Start with the first one, apply the glue and stick the next page on it, making sure the two outer corners line up. It doesn't matter if the binding doesn't line up, that part of the book won't be visible once it's finished.

Allow some time for each page to dry, this way it's easier once you start sticking more and more pages on top. Always remember to open the book up to make sure that the pages don't stick together.

Step 5: Add the Front and Back Pages

For the front and back pages you will need to measure your book again. Things might only have slightly changed, but every mm will be important now. My book came out to 16.1cm by 14.3cm in the end. For the front and back pages you have to double the length of the book, so in my case 16.1 times two. the 14.3 stays the same. Cut two pieces of paper in this size. You can use the same paper you have for the pages, or use different coloured paper, whatever you like.

Once you have your two pieces of paper, fold them in the middle.

Now add the front page. To do that, you apply some glue on the usual spot, the folded over narrow paper. on there you put your front page.
The back is a bit trickier because you don't have any guidance on how much glue you can put on there. What I do is basically just imagine a 1cm line on the back at the binding, apply glue on it and then stick the back on.

Step 6: Prepare the Cover

while everything is drying you can prepare the card for the cover.
It totally depends on what cover you want, if you want a proper hard cover you will need some strong card, whereas if you only want a softcover like the one I made for this book, strong paper (like magazine covers) will be enough.
Take the measurements from the last step. Now add 1cm to each side. So 16.1cm becomes 17.1 and 14.3 becomes 15.3. Now cut two pieces of card with these measurements.

Get the paper you want to cover your book with. Place the two cover pieces next to each other, leaving a gap between them. This gap has to have the width of the binding. If you are using thick card you will also have to add the width of the cardboard on each side of the binding to the gap. I always place the book between the two cover pieces in order to find out how much space I have to leave.

Stick the card onto the cover. Again, use PVA, but make sure you don't use to much, otherwise the paper will crinkle. Leave about an inch of cover on each side of the card.
The card should be completely covered in glue, so you don't get any nasty bubbles on the cover.

Cut off the edges of the cover, but don't cut too close to the card.

Now apply glue to the remaining cover material. Fold over the outer left and right sides first, sticking them onto the card. Then, fold over the top and bottom cover and stick it on.

Now your cover is ready to be connected to the book!

Step 7: Finish Your Book

Take the inside of the book and turn it around. It's easier to start with the back page.
Apply glue all over the back page of the book. Pay special attention to the corners and don't leave any spot out.
Now take the cover of your book and place the spine of the book in the gap you left earlier. From there, stick the back page onto the inside of the cover.
Let it dry for some minutes.

Again, apply glue to the front page of the book. Now it gets a bit tricky again. Take your cover and make sure that the binding is very close to the cover, not leaving any space in between. Then fully close the book and stick the cover onto the front page. Carefully open the book to check that all is right. If it is, apply some pressure onto the book to make everything stick together.

Finally, check again that no pages stick together.

Step 8: Done!

Now take a look at the great book you've just made. :)