Introduction: Making Your Very Own TARDIS

That's Right. Yours. You just have to build it. I created this version with no instruction from scratch, so feel free to improve to your desires.

Step 1: Materials

You need: 
Popsicle sticks. the normal size.
Elmer's or Tacky Glue
Hot Glue
Soldering gun
TARDIS themed Paint (acrylic)
Various electronic components including an LED and a 555 timer
Plant wire stuff (not shown) (Optional)

Step 2: WALLS They're Important

I used tacky glue to cover the backs of 7 Popsicle sticks with a "brace" need 4. Naturally. its not necessary, but you can make a fifth wall and cut it to fit the bottom, then using some wire, make a sort of hinge so you can still access the inside.

Using Hot glue, I glued all of the corners together to make a box. then was the tricky task of a roof... i pondered for many minutes wondering. i ended up making 4 triangles by cutting the sticks at an angle. took a lot of trial and error, but it looked ok.

using Popsicle sticks, i added the main features of the tardis. Simple. All it needs is PAINT.

i used some toothpicks to get the little details. I AM A TERRIBLE PAINTER. 

After all that. it looked like this, minus the light:

Step 3: LIGHT?

I wanted the little light on top. so i went to the internet! the following is NOT my picture, but i don't know who's it is... so if you read this and it is yours... don't karate chop me. I added a switch. you could probably add sound as well but i was to lazy.

Now it does THIS! (ignore my brother, he rambles. at least it was on topic...ish.)

Step 4: Top-FIN

Glue on a tardis light cover like object over the LED for a good effect. I used the bottom of a child's medicine measure-er that you get with antibiotics for strep. IT WAS CLEAN. duh. i sanded it for a blurred effect.

Turn it on and you got the TARDIS!!!!

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