Introduction: Makita Flashlight LED Upgrade

I have a Makita BML185 Flashlight that I have had for years. I haven't used it often because I have newer brighter LED flashlights.

So I thought I'd upgraded to an aftermarket LED bulb, but the price of butbs range from $19-$30 the Cheapest I found was on for $18.95. A little more searching and I came across a KAWELL® 18W 4" CREE DC 9-32V Off Road LED Spot-Work Light for $20.99. A little Research I found that the LEDs we're close to the same size the opening of my flashlight so I ordered one.

Step 1: Tools Needed

A Soldering Iron and solder

A Screwdriver with 3 mm and 4 mm hexagon bits

Phillips screwdriver

Diagonal wire cutter

Utility knife

Step 2: Remove Lens

Unscrew the lens holder and remove the reflector, bulb and spare lightbulb, set aside.

Step 3: Remove LEDs

I disassembled the spotlight I bought and remove the LEDs, reflector and the rubber protective coating off the wires. I trimmed and shaped the edges of one side of the LED plate to fit inside the flashlight housing. I reassembled the reflector to the LED plate and placed it inside the flashlight housing. Then I trimmed the edges of the reflector so that it would sit above the opening but I could still get the Lens cap back on. I test fitted the lens cap and lens but found the lens was loose.

I will solve that problem in the next step.

Step 4: Soldering the Wires

I soldered the wires, (black to negative and red to positive) to the terminals of the bulb holder of the flashlight.

I attached the battery to my flashlight and tested it to see that it worked.

I took a rubber O ring (the one I had was too large so I cut it down to fit and super glued the ends together) to fit inside the lens cap to keep the lens from rattling

I assembled the LEDs, the lens, O ring and lens cap.

Now I have one of the brightest handheld work light you can imagine. A lot brighter than just having a single replacement LED upgrade Bulb.

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