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Introduction: Makita RP0900 Router Accessories

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I made two 3D printable accessories for the Makita RP0900 router I like to share:

- Router circle jig

- Router lift for a router table



For the router circle jig:

1x M4 or M5 allen screw with at least 30mm length.

1x M4 or M5 hex nut - depends what screw you use.

1x M8 hex screw with at least 25mm length.

1x M8 nut.

For the router lift:

1x M6 screw with about 150mm length.

1x M6 flat washer.

2x M6 hex nut.

2x M5 hex screw with 30mm length.

2x M5 hex nut.

2x M5 flat washer.

1x Super glue or epoxy glue.

4x small wood screws (depends on the thickness your router table plate has).

Step 1: Router Circle Jig

Just print all parts with supports. I recommend 100% infill - but because there is not much pressure on the parts it doesn't matter much.

You can cut circles from ~ 24 cm up to 64 cm.

Connect the shaft with a M4 or M5 allen screw (30mm long or longer) and a nut to the base plate. If it doesn't fit in the first place just use sanding paper to make it smooth.

I made two versions of the base plate. On the pictures you the the one with the smaller hole.

Put a M8 nut into the marker and use a 25mm x M8 hex screw to fix the position of the marker on the shaft (as seen on the pictures).

To connect it with your Makita RP0900 router just remove the plastic plate from the router and connect the base plate of the router circle jig with the aluminum food of the router.

How to use?

Just mark the circle on the wood and attach the marker with a wood screw in the middle thru the hole inside the marker (click on the pictures for more info). Attach the shaft with the base plate and your router attached to it and fix the right position with the M8 screw. Now you can cut your circle.

Step 2: Router Table Lift

Pleas read the full instruction to use the lift the right way!

I made this lift so I can use a cordless drill to set the position of the router properly. I could find a lot of solutions for other makita routers unfortunately not for the RP 0900.

Print all parts with at least 50% infill (more is better) and supports.

Put the M6 nuts inside the one shell (as seen on the pictures) and glue the M6 flat washer to the part that you connect via wood screws to the table plate.

Put the shells around the router and fix them with M5 hex screws, flat washer and nuts. The shells should fit properly around the router and set under the router handle.

When using the cordless drill be sure the in build fix is open (as seen on the pictures) and is fixed when you start the router!

How to use:

I say it clear - this lift cant lift the whole router by itself upwards without breaking! So its important you use it in this way: Just set it to the highest position and use a cordless drill to adjust the high of the router downwards. If you want to set the router to the top again use one hand for support - otherwise the shells could break!

Unfortunately the RP0900 didn't had any thread I was able to connect a screw more near the center of the router. So this solution is more something like a compromise but much better than trying to set the properly position without the lift.

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