Introduction: Maleficent Staff

My youngest daughter wants to be Maleficent for Halloween. Since I am a teacher and Fall is very busy for me, I usually make her costume in the summer.

So far we made the wand/staff/walking stick Maleficent uses.

Step 1: Materials


1. large walking stick (fit to your child's height)
2. twine
3. black spray paint
4. black crow ($6.99 from amazon)
5. ball
6. glitter

Time: A few days to gather the materials and order the crow.

Step 2: Twine and Spray

1. Wrap the twine in a criss-cross pattern staring from the top and work your way down, and secure.

2. Set up an area outside and lightly spraypaint the stick...... let dry.

3. I also spray painted a few feet of extra twine just incase I wanted to add more to the stick.

Step 3: Glitter Ball

1. I used my son's old street hockey ball (hopefully he doesn't read this ;) and some glitter as the magical glowing ball for the staff.

2. Coated the top part of the ball with glue.

3. Apply the glitter and repeat until you are happy with the look.

4. Let the top part of ball dry. Flip the ball over and do the same to the was a mess but looks cool!

5. My husband clear coated the ball so the glitter won't rub off.

Once dry.....

6. Attaching the ball... How you attach the ball will depend on your stick and type of ball you use. I secured the ball between the two sticks and wrap twine over the top of the ball.

Step 4: Add the Crow

Last, I added the crow I bought off of amazon.

Using a thin wire and a hot glue gun, attach the crow to the top part of the staff.

Step 5: Finished

Time to work on the rest of the costume!