Introduction: Malibu Board Rack, Up-Cycled

Need- Compact Storage for Longboards
Budget - $10
1.a wooden palette (the ones Fork-Lifts pick up goods with)
2. framing timber from a building site, (about 75mmx 40mm) x 10m
3. Batten screws around 100mm with driver bit around 20 of

1.Power saw/vHand Saw .
2.Drill/ cordless Driver
3. Sander/ Sandpaper

Step 1: Elements

1. Cut timbers 6x 600mm for arms to hold boards
2.Cut bracing as per detail shot. 45° cut  on both ends  4 x250mm

I have extended the rack up to stop the top board sliding downwards. this is optional

Step 2: Assemble

1.Pre drill your holes with clearance holes.
2.screw in feet first
3.flip on its side and do all the arms 220mm gaps to allow for big fins, each at the same slight angle
4. flip and do the other arms each again at the same angle  matching the other side by measuring from the feet
5. screw on your bracing around the feet to keep rigidity, vertically and horizontally

Step 3: Smooth Edges

1.Sand the ends of the arms and rough bits of Pallette
2.move to location
3.load up your boards
4.enjoy your Up-cycling