Introduction: 'Mallow Shooter Action

In this instructable, you will learn about several "actions" for a pvc marshmallow shooter. I'll cover four: standard, bolt, falling pump, and Revolver.

Step 1: Standard

this is the action everybody tells you to make. it's just a muzzle loading action, which I have a STRONG disliking for. You load the marshmallow in the front, and blow to make it fly. simple.

Step 2: Revolver

I've never seen anyone make one of these. it's a revolver action. the "cilinder" is 4 pipe pieces glued together. it has a q-tip that it spins on, and the original pipe is held with a small support strut.

Step 3: Bolt

Makes a bolt action. it's very simple. can be done with a 4 inch pipe, cut a rectangle in it that a marshmallow fits in, wrap duct tape tightly around sticky side out, wrap sticky side in.

Step 4: Falling Pump

this ones complex. it makes a marshmallow shooter pump action, but I call it falling pump because it also relates to falling block action. it works like this:
>load marshmallow into feed pipe
>pump will move block out of way, marshmallow falls into barrel

the block should move in tandem with the pump. those sticks join the pump to the block. The feed should be as high as the mouthpiece, not higher.

Step 5: Future Developement

The way I designed these things kept a princible in mind:

There is one propellent: air. You need to make sure to use a system that minimizes air lost due to using an action. the action needs to also fit into the pipe you build it out of. all of these take work to make, but work may be needed at times anywhere.

Using that princible, you can further develope or rename these devices and make your own. My falling pump action is the most complex, but it's designed to give the feel of a shotgun.