Introduction: Malthael From Diablo III Cosplay

Hi! Here is my Malthael from epic game Diablo III by Blizzard! :)

The process of making it was kind of complicated so I don't have all steps pictured but I'll try to give you at least slightly idea of how I made it! :) And hope that it'll help someone!

Step 1: Cut and Shape All the Pieces

- About 90% of the costume is made out of EVA foam. You can buy this material in cosplay online stores or as fitness mat (just watch for a good quality and hardness!)

- First I make a paper pattern of all the pieces. If size and proportions are ok I go for cutting it out of foam. It really helps to glue paper's patterns to the foam so all the shapes are exactly as they should be. For cutting I use sharp paper knife.

- When everything is cut I shape pieces which need to be curved. I use heat gun to warm up the foam, then I form it. When it cool down it stays in as shape as you made it like.

- After everything is cut I glue certain pieces with hot glue gun to make almost ready armor piece!

- When you're sure that your armor piece is perfect you can paint it with wood glue to make it hard and smooth. I put about 4 thin layers.

Step 2: Try It on and Make Sure Everything Matches - Then Prime It!

- It's important to control the whole process and try on certain parts before finishing it.

- If you're sure everything is ready and you paint it with wood glue so it's hard and smooth you can smooth it even more with sand paper. DON'T do it if it's still wet.

- Now it's a time to add all the small ornaments and textures. For Malthael I used glass paint and small hot glue gun to paint all those nice 'gothic' ornaments. :)

- Then you can prime it with black matte spray paint to prepare it for puttin a final color on it.

Step 3: Worbla

- If you have some problems with shaping certain parts from EVA foam you can use Worbla material. It's kind of expensive but really helpful if you want something more fancy and more complicated looking. You warm it up with heat gun as well. It's very sticky so you can put it directly on your EVA foam without a need to use a glue.

- Worbla is also great to cover all your EVA foam parts with. It gives you one part smooth effect and it makes it extremaly durable!

Step 4: Fun Part- Paint It! Finish It! Wear It!

I just love this part. For old dilver effect I use bee wax based silver paint. I paint it with dry brush and it gives me great possibilities of shading where I want to. <3

Last one step is to glue some straps so you can wear it and then IT'S DONE! <3

Hope I helped a little bit. It's hard to describe all of it because it took me about 1 month of work and lots of small steps. But it's a great pleasure and fun to do costumes like that so just be patient, creative, work hard and you'll make it EASY! :)

Good luck! ;)

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