Introduction: Mama Bear Blanket

Today I will teach you how to make a cocoon blanket with a hugging mama bear


Thread buttons 3 different fabrics and Velcro

Step 1: Step One

First you need to get the two peace’s of fabric for your cocoon blanket and choose how big you want it to be I choose 1.5 yards for my blanket

Step 2: Step Two

next you will need to make the two peace’s even so what I did was lay them on the ground in a big open area so I could line them up with each other

Step 3: Step Three

Now that the two peace’s are even it is time to sew.You can use a sewing machine or a needle I choose machine because, it is faster but hand sewing is fine.Make sure to leave a little slot open on the Side and leave the top all the way open.

Step 4: Step 4

Take your buttons and sew them up against the little side part that you left open this will help you be able to go in and out but still be able to close it up

Step 5: Step Five

Now that you have the blanket done it is time to make the bear first you will need to make weight square that are 5 inches. They should have half weights half stuffing inside and should weigh around 1pound.

Step 6: Step Six

Next you need to make the arms for the bear. Take the last piece of fabric and cut out a piece for the arms that are 3inches wide and 0.75 inches of tor waist. sew your arm together but leave a little crack to stuff it with. When you are done add two weighted bags and add stuffing. Than repeat for the second arm

Step 7: Step Seven

Cut out the using the templet provided

Step 8: Step Eight

Use the template to the bears head, body, legs, and ears.Then sew the head, ears, body, and arms together.

Step 9: Step Nine

Now it is time to stuff so first you need to stuff the legs and sew them on to the rest of the bear.then it is time stuff the rest of the bear. First you have to put three weighted bags all over the body. Next fill the whole thing with stuffing but not to much

Step 10: Step Ten

Now that you are done stuffing it is time to take the Velcro and sew it on to the bear and the blanket make sure to put some on the paws and body.Than finally you have a mama bear blanket.

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