Introduction: Mammoth's Feet Get Cold (sily Solutions)

In this project, the mammoth's feet are literally cold! I added some white boots from the wiz because they will probably keep his feet toasty, clean, and stylish.

Step 1: Add Mammoth From the Tool Bar

To do this, start a tinkercad, and press the" printables" button, then press the button that says "Smithsonian(NEW)"

Step 2: Select Images

I selected four boots from the wiz and one woolly mammoth. Then, I tried to angle it so that it would look like the woolly mammoth was wearing boots!

Step 3: Group All of the Things Together

To this, hold shift while you press on each of the images. Then press the group button that looks like an arrow pointing northwest (a bit like ↖️). This will insure that if you accidentally move a boot, it will move the entire shape.

Step 4: Have Fun!

This instructable not only details how to make this tinkercad, but how to make ones on your own! Remember to have fun!😊

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