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Introduction: Man Cave Extension Cord

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I had a piece of 3/8 veneered plywood and this old 1967 Ford Falcon Tail light and side marker name from the very first car in which I learned to drive. The car got totalled bit I took the light and the name off just to have my first car parts. I also painted the box a color that was very true to the original color of the car. A real chick magnet at the time - pastel yellow and 170 cubic inches of a straight 6! So I digress... it is time to make a man cave light...


1/3 sheet of high quality plywood or mdf or similar to allow for a smooth finish.

Tailight with bulbs.

Flasher Cube relay

12 VDC power transformer, Wall outlet, Stainless wall plate. and misc electrical fittings for a vent.

4 position switch for - Off / Tail light / Back Up light/ Blinking Red

Primer and enamel spray paint and a handle.

Measure your light fixture and sketch up a diagram to ensure your light will fit well in the box. Mine was a bit tight on depth, but I kept it as tight as i could for size and weight reduction. After fabricating the box, I sanded it with the back cover on for the corners to fit very well. Prime to get good coverage and paint adhesion to the wood and paint the final coat in MANY coats for a nice even finish versus one or two heavy and runny coats.

Wire the outlet direct to the patch cord but wire the power transformer to the 4 position switch so it is not always on if you just want an outlet. Also wire the flasher relay to the switch paying careful attention to the wiring diagram supplied with the flasher. i use the reverse back up light as a pseudo work light and turn on the blinker just for the fun of it when others are in my man cave!

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    4 years ago

    I like this. You did a good job of mixing utility with a clean way to showcase a couple of car parts from your history. It's giving me ideas haha.


    Reply 4 years ago

    The EASY part was that the tail light was completely flat on the mounting to the face of the plywood box. Most tail lights have a curve in them so getting a flat mount would be a challenge to fabricate. I'm glad it gave you ideas!