Man Eating Plant

Introduction: Man Eating Plant

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Create a fun "man eating plant" this Halloween out of some common and some unexpected materials.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

Dowel rod 1/2" - 3/4" thick at least 16" long,

Terracotta pot 6"

Green and black spray paint

Green, red and dark green acrylic paint,

Green tassel and rope for draperies,

Styrofoam ball,

6" Styrofoam disc,

Novelty vampire teeth,

Hot glue,

Green wire,


Sharp kitchen knife,

Dried floral moss

Step 2: Paint

Apply black paint to the dowel rod and spray short bursts of green and black paint on the base of a terra cotta pot.

Step 3: Painting the Face

Start by drawing a foot ball shape for the plant monster's mouth.

CAREFULLY, using a sharp kitchen knife cut out the foot ball shape. You will have to cut deep and ALWAYS cut away from yourself.

Remove the foam wedge to reveal the mouth.

Paint the head with a green color of your choosing. Add a different green paint for spots.

Paint the inside of the mouth red.

Let dry.

Cut the teeth off a novelty vampire toy and hot glue inside mouth.

Step 4: Prepping the Base

Place your foam disc inside of your terra cotta pot,

Poke a hole for your dowel rod to fit down into.

When hotgluing to the base, aim for the edge of the pot. The Styrofoam doesn't take glue all that well.

Hot glue some wads of floral moss,

Cut the end of your tassel and hot glue the tassel onto the foam disc with the wide end facing the dowel rod.

Fluff out the strings of the tassel to cover as much of the base as possible.

Step 5: Vine Time

After you removed the tassel you will be left with thick green rope (or you can buy green rope).

Tie off green wire at the end and wrap all down the length of the rope. This will help make it a little more sturdy.

Hot glue one end of the rope to the edge of the pot and twist around the dowel rod as you wish. Hot glue the remaining end to the side of the pot as well. You may end up hot gluing part of the rope onto the rod itself to keep it upright.

Hot glue on silk leaves to the vine. Add some leaves spilling out over the edge of the pot and finally some leaves near the top of the rod that will sprout below the monster's face.

Adjust your tassel strings to cover the entire base, go around moss and spill over the edges.

Step 6:

Pop the Styrofoam head onto the painted dowel rod. Then, poke a little sprig of some kind of plant into the top of the head.

Step 7: Display

Set out your new gnarly creature amongst its garden friends to make for a spooky Halloween decoration!

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    7 years ago

    Oh cute! I need to try this, thank you for posting!