Introduction: Man Tuft

About: just a guy with ideas

For all the guys rocking man buns and trimmed sides, here's a way to switch it up and look a bit more like elvis with a pony tail. Instead of an elastic band you will need a clip that looks something like the one in the picture. One that snaps in place and stays in your hair.

Step 1: Grab, Pull and Twist

Grab all the hair, pull it to the front and twist it so that it all comes together.

Step 2: Pull Back in a Tuft

Pull back the hair by keeping one finger under all of it. The more to the front you keep your finger, the more extravagant your tuft will be.

Step 3: Fasten With Clip

This part is sometimes hard, depending on how much hair you have. You want to clip together as much hair as possible so that it wont come loose but sometimes the clip might not be big enough for that. I found the sweet spot at the back of my temple.

Step 4: Presto!

And there you have it. From the front you look like a 50s dude but without all the extra grease needed to keep it together and on the back you'll have a small tail of hair that people go like "huh?". For extra hold, add extra clips. Have fun!