Introduction: Man-eating Lamp

This lamp was made in the imitation of a man-eating plant.materials used:
-Two 12 inch strips of Cardboard cut and folded up for body and base
-paper cups for head
-light bulb and wire

Step 1: Preparing the Standing Structure

Cut one piece of Cardboard 12 o e-inch strips and another into about 6 one-inch strips or less(no more than that) . Be sure not to cut them too hard so that they form a cylinder together . Those two pieces of Cardboard together with a base will form the standing structure.

Step 2: Finishing the Standing Structure

Create a hole in the left and right side of the top side of one standing structure and the bottom side of the other and place a glue stick in the holes, attaching the parts of the standing struchture.

Step 3: Creating the Base

Cut lines into the bottom of a paper cup and place the bottom of the standing structure into the bottom of the paper cup which was cut earlier . Cut another paper cup in half , fill it with stones for weight at the bottom and stick it under the standing structure. And stick the bottom of the whole new standing structure to a larger cardboard base.

Step 4: Making the Head

Heads up. This is the hard part!!! Cut into a paper cup on both the left and right but not all the way down. Perforate the side you choose as the bottom so that it can be pulled down easily for an open-mouthed effect. By now, the bed for the light bulb should be installed inside the upper component of the standing structure. Remember It's a man EATING plant so give it teeth! This can be done by cutting thin rectangles each with two sharp edges on a paper and scoring the left and right sides, sticking the bottom side to the inside of the mouth at the top and bottom. Turn the teeth upward.

Step 5: Light It Up!!!

Place the bulb in the mouth of the plan lamp and fix it in well. Plug the wire into a socket and pull the switch at the top to light it up!!