Introduction: Manage Your IPod Cord

Use a common crochet chain method to shorten your ipod earbud cord to a more manageable length without tangling or damaging the cord.

Step 1: First, Make a Regular Knot Close to the Plug End, But Don't Pull the Earbuds All the Way Through.

Step 2: Pull a Short Loop Through the First Knot.

Step 3: Reach Through the Loop You Just Made With Two Fingers and Grab the Wire. Pull Through Another Short Loop.

Step 4: Repeat Until the Chain Takes Up Enough Cord. at the Last Loop, Pull the Earbuds End All the Way Through the Last Loop to Finish It. the Chain Is Now Secure and Won't Tangle.

Step 5: To Undo, Just Pull the Earbud End Back Through the Last Loop, Then the Entire Chain Will Unravel If You Pull on the Ends.