Introduction: Mandalorian All Metal Replica Blaster

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All made from either 1/4” flat sheet steel or 1/8” sheet steel , round tube rectangular tube and square tube


Parts are sand casted , tig welding machine, band saw and belt sander

Step 1: Research

Research was done by taking screenshots of the Mandalorian program then scaling was done

Step 2: Drawing and Scaling

A drawing was made to scale the parts so the front fork was made according to the drawing a template was made I cut the fork from plastic so I can use it as a match plate for a casting out of aluminum

Step 3: Casting

Then I made a casting out of aluminum by using the plastic part as a Impression

Step 4: First Part of the Body

To make the first part of the body I had to use numerous types of material the top rail was made from .750 by 1 inch solid bar the sides were made from 1/8” sheet metal and the bottom was made from bar also ,then I welded it together and to make the grooves on the top rail I pressed it in my ironworker

Step 5: Second Part After Front Rail

To make the second part in front of the front rail I made a template for the front then added quarter inch steel plate to each side after I cut it on the Band Saw drilled holes for the fake rivets made a top and bottom and then welded it together and ground it on the belt sander. And i used a piece of 1”x2” rectangular tube to hold it together

Step 6: Small Rail on Top of Second Section

After machining a small pocket on top of the second section I needed to make a small rail that fit into it so I made this from quarter inch flat steel then made two punches that impressed into it on the ironworker for the rail look

Step 7: Small Back Piece and Fake Tubing

A small back piece was made out of some flat stock and round tubing for the big radius ,then the fake tubing was made from quarter inch stainless steel bar and 3/16 stainless steel bar and they were bent to shape on a small bender

Step 8: Second Layer Partial Cover of Fake Tubes

To make the second layer the one covering the tubing partially was made from 1/8 flat steel and 1 inch 3/8 round tube for the radius Then welded together and ground down on the belt sander

Step 9: Stock Holder Clamp and Outside Emblem Base

The small stockholder was made from three-quarter inch square tube then cut on one side the outside emblem holder is made from quarter inch flat stock steel cut on the Band Saw then welded together

Step 10: Emblem

To make the emblem it was bent on the small bender out of quarter inch round bar then welded together then welded on some 18 flat steel sheets then ground smooth and then a nut was welded on the inside of the emblem and then it was mounted to the quarter-inch back plate

Step 11: Bottom Rail and Trigger Housing

For the bottom rail it was drilled and tapped on to the bottom it was made from three-quarter inch square bar and the trigger was made from 1/8” steel and quarter inch steel plate welded together made from a cut out template . The trigger was then made from 3/8 steel cut and polished to fit the body

Step 12: The Stock Housing

The stock housing was made from multiple pieces of 1/8 sheet metal welded and ground together to fit the blaster

Step 13: Wooden Stock

The stock was made from a template then cut from black walnut on the bandsaw and then put on the belt sander to smooth out the edges and then was finished off by fitting into the blaster then some Tongue oil was applied

Step 14: Triangle Bottom and Scope

The bottom triangular part underneath the fork was made out of aluminum billet then welded to the bottom of the Fork holder the scope was made from 1 inch thick wall tubing then turned on the Lathe to look like a scope small pieces of plastic were installed for the look of the site glass

Step 15: Scope Holder

For the scope holder it was made from billet aluminum machined on the Milling Machine then fitted into the gun and held in by a quarter inch screw

Step 16: Barrel Holder and Fake Rivets

Next the barrel holder brackets were made from round tubing then welded together and then ground on the belt sander for the fake rivets they were installed using epoxy glue

Step 17: Put Together and Finished

Final assembly was done some polishing and some small paint accents like gold on the emblem and gold for the fake tubing