Introduction: Manga Drawing

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Have you ever seen cute Japanese dolls with the huge, babyish eyes? I love them so much, I really should consider changing my username to ilovemanga! Well, here is how to draw them, my style. If you like these, you should check out mark crilley's channel on youtube, master illustrator and manga artist.

Step 1: The Face: Basic

First, draw an oval shape, kind of flattened on the top. 

Step 2: The Face: Final

Now, draw a kind of a flattened V, fancily.add the ears.
PS: The ears should be really low, just when the V kind of bends toward the chin. Earrings can be added later.

Step 3: The Eyes

Draw 2 eyebrow like shapes. After that, draw a big uppercase U touching the "eyebrows'. there are many different ways of manga eyes. in this instructable, I am going to show a very easy type of eyes, but also very cute.. After drawing the eyes, make a highlight on the right upper hand corner. Dive the leftover space into half. The one with the highlight will be shaded thickly. the other space will be shaded lightly.

Step 4: The Nose

Below the right or the left eye, put a small dot and extend it in 2 ways.The result should be a v turned to the right or left.

Step 5: The Mouth

For the mouth, it depends on the character's mood. draw a normal, happy mouth to make it look especially cute.

Step 6: The Hair

Draw the signature manga bangs.If you really want to know, they are just vs.Then draw an upside down U  few centimeters above it. Make the hair long, shoulder-length or short. 

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