Introduction: Manga//Anime Eyes-2 Styles

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Hi. If you're here you probably like art... and you're probably pretty nerdy like me. Here's 2 styles of eyes, use them for ANYTHING... *cough cough ART* also i drew that amazing art right there IF YOU WERE WONDERING >_●


You will need
A pencil
An eraser
Some paper
some serious creativity *like come on now*

Step 2: Simple Eye: Main Shape

Draw a circle. If you can't figure it out, search "nearby schools" (jk jk SO MEAN^_^)

Step 3: Outline

Add two long, sharply curved lines on the top and bottom. This can be tricky..

Step 4: Pupil and Highlights

Add one large highlight (or teh shinyyyy) in the corner where light hits the eye. Add a pupil in the middle.

Step 5: Iris

Color the iris, getting lighter slowly as you get close to the highlight.

Step 6: Detailing

Add details like thicker outline, eye lashes, and shading.

Step 7: Detailed Eye: Main Shape

Draw a circle with two curved lines tightly drawn around it.

Step 8: Detail Work

Add that little gooey bit in the corner of your eye (hehh, im so right) and two eyelashes on the end of the lines you just drew.

Step 9: Iris

Color a pupil and a top iris in.(the picture helps.)

Step 10: More Iris

Add 4 highlights as shown in picture *or not* and lightly shade the bottom iris.

Step 11: Eyelashes

Ummmmmmmm... add lines on the eye? *teh awkwardness*

Step 12: Detailing

Shade the gooey thing, shade, um.. shade some more.

Step 13: Eyebrow

You can add eyebrows if you want *do it* You don't have to really *dO IT* You can add it on either of the eyes *dO ITTTTT*

Step 14: Example

An example of what the 2nd eye looks like. Use the 1st eye for yourself... >_●

Step 15: Um Like.... Pls?

It would be cool if you could comment, like or follow me. *heh LIKE PLS* I need it..


Its soooo pretty
such fabulous
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