Introduction: Manger Scene Table Lamp As Christmas Decor

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Lets change the usual manger scene into a table lamp.


1. A-4 size papers

2. A-3 size Foam board (2 to 3 mm thick)

3. Super Glue

4. Fairy lights

5. Cutter

Step 1: Plan

Plan how your lamp is going to look.

I drew a simple manger scene I saw online on an A-4 size paper.

Step 2: Character Silhouettes

Trace the drawing on a foam board and cut out the individual characters.

Step 3: Background

Take another A-4 paper and draw stars.

Cut the stars with the help of a paper cutter.

Glue this to another paper.

Cut out a big star.

Now, the big star will shine brighter than the other smaller ones in the background.

Step 4: Arrange

Turn the paper with the stars and glue the foam characters in the reverse order, like a mirror image.

Step 5: Make the Box

Cut the foam board to make the box.

You need:

1 Rectangle: 11 inches * 8 inches

2 Rectangles: 11 Inches * 2 inches

2 Rectangles: 8 inches * 2 inches

On the rectangle of 11 inches * 8 inches, make a small square cut for the wire to pass.

Step 6: Assemble

Place the Paper with the characters in the center and add the side edges of the box.

Refer image.

Use super glue to glue the foam board with each other.

Hold this against the light to make sure if you can see the silhouette properly.

Step 7: Add Lights

Add lights to the box.

Close the box by gluing the 11*8 rectangle.

Step 8: Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Your Manger Scene table lamp as Christmas decor is ready!

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