Introduction: Mango Lassi | Mango Sweetened Buttermilk Mango Yogurt Smoothie | Summer Drink | Sweet Lassi


Lassi is a sweet or savoury Indian drink made from yogurt or buttermilk base with water.It is also called Sweetened buttermilk.

Step 1: Ingredients

We made for 2 glass, adjust quantities as per your requirement

  • 1 bowl fresh curd
  • 2 mango
  • 1/2 small bowl sugar
  • Few dry fruits to garnish like Raisins, Cashews, Almonds

Step 2: Recipe

  • First make sure the curd is smooth.If curd is not smooth then make it smoother in a whisk or blender.
  • Now peel the mango.
  • Take out mango pulp.Put it in a mixer/blending jar.
  • Add curd and sugar.Churn it well in a mixer.Add ice cubes (It is optional but it will give you cool and refreshing drink).Mix again for few minutes.
  • Now take it out in a serving glass.Garnish it with dry fruits and serve it cold.

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