Introduction: Mango Plucker

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I wanted to pluck Mangoes from the Tree without climbing the tree

I took old broken Badminton racket. Removed all the gutting
Took 2 pieces of broken Hex-Saw blades( 4 inches length)
and sharpened on one side. Both pieces tied to Racket's Al frame
making an angel of approx 100 degrees by Nylon thread (From Removed gutting)
One cotton bag is stitched all along the Racket frame which will collects plucked mangoes.
Racket s grip is tied firmly to a Bamboo Stick (Diameter  1 inch) of 12 feet length by strong cotton thread.
Due to V shape of the blades the Mango slides and get stuck in V groove and when we pull, the Blades sharp edge
cuts the Mango and it falls in the bag.
 After every 8-10 Mangoes you have empty the bag as it becomes
heavy and difficult to handle

This works perfectly. I used same thing for removing Sapodilla or Chiku
This can be used for any fruit of that size