Mango Stick




Introduction: Mango Stick

Mango is my favourite fruit.

Using a mango stick will let you eat a mango without getting your hand spoiled.

It is easy to assemble and it requires only two parts :

1- a 3 cm. (1 1/4") stanless steel wood screw

2- a 10 X 0.8 cm. (4 X 0.4 ") plastic or wood stick.

The tools you need :

- a drill

- metal saw, grinder or clipper

-two part epoxy

Step 1: Assemly

1- cut the head of the screw

2- drill a 1 cm (0.4") axial hole at one end of the stick (slightly lager than the screw size)

3- Mix a small amount of two part epoxy

4- Fill the hole with the epoxy mixture

5- insert the screw (head cut side) in the hole

6- leave in warm place until glue setup

Step 2: Screw

1- Hold the mago firmely with one hand

2- Locate the umbilicus (navel)

3- Screw the stick until it reach the pit (endocarp)

4- Continue screwing to the end of the thread so the mango is well attached to the stick

Step 3: Peel

1- Slit the mango axially using a sharp knife in six or eight lines from the top to the stick

2- Peel gently

3- Enjoy


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    That's so clever! Mangos are so tasty but messy, your method looks much better! Welcome to instructables!