Introduction: Mango Lassi

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Hi there and welcome to my second and probably my most unusual instructable!

This instructable will cover the most important and delicious shake you'll ever drink!

Mango lassi is a yoghurt and mango shake. It is mostly made to compensate the spiciness of indian food. This shake can be use as a side dish (if you want to call it that way) but can also be used as a desert. Either will work.

For making mango lassi you will need the following:

- A mango ( ripe)

- about 0.5L of yoghut

- 40 grams of sugar (any sugar will work)

- your mam's food processor

- a knife and a cutting board

In the first step we will find a good way to peel a mango

Step 1: Peeling the Mango

Oke so we need to peel the mango, how are we going to fix that?

First you need to make sure that your mango is ripe, to do that push your thum into the mango untill a little indentation occurs. if the pressure needed to make that indentation is high chances are that your mango isn't ripe :)

now make an incision (a cut will do aswell) around the pit, but remember cut around the pit!

Now comes the second most dificult part of this step.

grab one half of the mango in one hand, and the other half in the other. Now twist your arms in oposit directions. the pit should come loose.

remove the pit and make some cuts at the inside of the mango, preferably devide the half mango into squares.

now for the hardest part, push the outside of the mango to the inside, so that the squares pop out. now seperate the mango squares from the outside.

wouw we're doing masterchef stuff!

For the mango lassi continue to the next step

Step 2: Basicly Mix Everything Together!

Now we have all raw elements, lets make the lassi.

put the mango, yoghurt and sugar in your mothers nicked food processor and turn it on.

wait for a minute or so, make sure everything is mixed well.

now only the presentation is left to do.


make a lot of this yummy shake it will pay off.

Put the lassi in a high gass with a straw and some ice, the ice is a extra factor that compensates the spicy indian food. also include some napkins, I can't guarantee your fingers will stay clean once you tasted it.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I do!