Introduction: Manipulating Time

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Today we are going to control time to create some oddly satisfying outcomes!

Step 1: Preparing to Alter Time

So before we alter time itself, we have to record some footage keeping in mind that the footage will end up being reversed! We are using Adobe Premiere as our editing program but you can use your smart phone and download an app that has the capabilities to have your footage reversed. Just by right clicking on your footage in the timeline, go under speed/duration - one click on reverse speed will make you achieve things that are magical!

Step 2: Put Your Imagination to the Test

Now comes the fun stuff! Here are some examples we did with manipulating time.

In the first example - we placed a fan on the table and started to tear the paper apart.

Outcome - Pieces of paper magically fly to our hands to be reattached!

In the second example - we placed a jar full of marbles and let them spill out on the table

Outcome - Marbles have a life of their own and come back to the jar!

In the third example - we placed a mini jenga game on the table and took it apart.

Outcome - Built a jenga game to the starting point with precision!

In the fourth example - we placed dominoes in a circle and knocked them over.

Outcome - Dominoes magically become upright on their own!

In the fifth example - we lit a sparkler to celebrate 4th of July.

Outcome - an endless sparkler!

In the sixth example - we set up a few balloons on the table and popped them with a needle.

Outcome - Hitting the table with a needle made balloons appear out of nowhere!

In the seventh example - we lit the matches out of frame and put them out in the glass filled with water.

Outcome - Lighting a match with water!

In the eighth example - we took a brand new rubix cube and scrambled it.

Outcome - Solving a rubix cube without actually solving it!

Things to think about when your are shooting your video:
-What will be the beginning (end when reversed) of your video and the end (beginning when reversed) of your video.

-What would be impossible to do in real time?

-Can you make something do, that it was never meant to do?

Hope you enjoy the time being manipulated and seeing where our imagination took us in creating the footage!

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