Introduction: Manly Moustache Maintenance

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Hey guys. I've recently been stuck for ideas for new instructables which was beginning to bug me. I like making these so it's frustrating hitting that creative drought, but finally an idea came to me which has literally been under my nose! So here it is, my instructable for manly moustache maintenance.


Step 1: The Foundation

First of all you need a moustache. I can usually grow a pretty good foundation in around 4-6 weeks. It's about the only place I'm any good at growing hair so I like to make the most of it.

Step 2: Tools for the Job

So with maintaining a truly awesome manly moustache there are a few essential bits of kit you will need.

A good mirror.
Strong tweezers.
Nimble scissors.
Moustache wax.
Moustache comb.

With these basic tools you can craft your Mo into many different styles. There's also the optional extras such as electric clippers. These can be handy for quick, general trimming down.

Step 3: Cleansing the Stache

Before any grooming/trimming can take place I would always recommend giving your moustache a good wash. Shampoo and conditioner is a must for optimum performance. I try to wash mine this way at least every other day. Once washed, dry carefully so not to accidentally pull out those precious hairs.

Step 4: Prep and Plan

So now you're all dry you should take your comb and proceed to comb your moustache down over. This will give you a rough idea of how even it is. If the stache is still damp it should make it easier to stay flat while you trim. You can also add a little wax just to keep it in place while you groom. You only need a small amount on your nail. Rub between your thumb and first finger then evenly distribute throughout your moustache.

You should obviously try to keep things even and try to plan out how you want it to look and cut according. Less is usually more. Trim little bits at a time and keep checking. You don't want to take it too short and end up waiting a week or so for it to grow back.

Using your comb as a straight edge is a good practice to have. If you can cut along that line with the scissors. Use the tweezers to remove rogue hairs. You will inevitably get these but they are pretty easy to deal with.

Step 5: Styles for Miles

So you should have an even cut now. Well done! If not then keep going until it's even. Just be careful. Small steps....

So now for the fun part, the styling. People will often copy famous celebrities styles which is all good and well but you should always try and do your own thing. You could also go retro. Tom Selleck is often a good start for people experimenting with facial hair. It's comfortable and relatively simple to maintain. Nick Offerman is also a good source of inspiration. Similar to Selleck, this one should be pretty straight forward. I myself seem to always end up at the Charles Bronson. Not ideal when visiting the post office but handy when in confrontations (gets you out of potentially painful scenario's).

Step 6: It's Grows on You

So that's it. Your moustache of manliness should be all trimmed up and held in place perfectly. Don't forget to have fun and experiment as you wish. The moustache will literally grow on you in more ways than one. Shaving day can be a very painful time but sometimes (like in mid summer) it just has to go. Sad times.

There's one last thing that we should all remember. With great moustache comes great responsibility!