Introduction: Mannequin Christmas Tree

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I did not think about taking pictures as I put my tree up so I did some sketches to help illustrate what I'm explaining. (The sketches are not very good, drawing is not one of my strong points lol)



1. you will need a mannequin or dress making figure

2. chicken wire and cutters

3. twist ties

4. long strands of garland

5. set of lights that lay over a bush (you can use reg string lights)

6. shirt

7. your choice of decorations for dress such as ribbon, tinsel, bows etc.

8. couple of silk napkins to use as scarf around neck / safety pin

Step 1: Find a Place for Your Tree

1. After finding the perfect spot for your tree, begin by putting a shirt onto the torso then start attaching chicken wire to lower part of torso. You need to get an idea in mind of how you want your dress to look and that will tell you how to do the wire. Did that make any sense? For instance if you want a pencil style dress then your wire will wrap around as such. If you want a flared out ball gown then you will need to shape your wire that way before adding the garland strands. There are so many possibilities in start to finish of this project. Just let your imagination run!

2. you may, depending on size of wire, need to attach in 2 pieces in which case you can use twist ties to connect the pieces.

Step 2: Garland

1. After you have your wire on outlining the shape of your dress its time for garland.

2. start in the back and begin layering the garland strands around the dress. The second drawing is supposed to demonstrate what I mean. I used colors in drawing of garland so you can see what I mean. My garland strands are actually all green. continue wrapping and layering the garland up to waist. Twist tie it to secure it.

3. As you are working the layers up you will twist tie the layers together periodically so it is all connected and this helps hide any open spots.

Step 3: Lights

1. I like using the bush cover type of lights as they are all connected and it sort of looks like an apron when held up. Have some one grab one end and you the other and just sort of lay it across front of dress as if putting on an apron. Connect with twist tie in back.

I chose all white lights but you can use colored ones and you can use individual strands if you want.

Step 4: Decorate

1. you can use the napkins to sort of wrap around neck and attach with safety pin.

2. Put your choice of decorations on lower part of dress. I used bows.

3. Stand back and admire your creation!

4. Have a Merry Christmas

The first dress pic is the one I just made and the other two pics are from previous years

Step 5:

Step 6:

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