Mans Pocket Credit Card Holder With Chain

Introduction: Mans Pocket Credit Card Holder With Chain

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Time to start!

Step 1: Parts List

1.) You will need tinkercad.

2.) You'll need either a chain necklace or a small chain-link chain

Step 2:

On tinkercad you'll need to get 5 boxes out.

Step 3:

Of those boxes make three boxes the dimensions below.

85.73mm in length


60mm in width


2.25mm in highth

Step 4:

now you'll need to make the radius of the boxes that are scaled 1.95, then you'll need to make it a hole(I couldn't show how to make a hole from a solid through the screenshot so you'll have to do that on your own!).

Step 5:

Now you'll need to make one of the other boxes the dimensions below.

91mm in length

67mm in width


20 high

Step 6:

Now you'll need to make the last box the dimensions below.

24mm in length

73mm in width


22 high

Step 7:

Now you'll need to take the big box and align the boxes shaped like credit cards onto it.

Step 8:

Now you'll need to make a copy of the credit card holder (not the lid). Then you'll need to take that copy and make the copy a hole. After that, you'll need to take the block-shaped lid and the credit card holder hole and align the lid at the top. Finally, you'll need to group them, and now you have a lid!)

Step 9:

Now add a loop using 2 cylinders, make one a hole and make the other one a solid. Next, 3d print your piece.

Step 10: More Instructions in Video... Need to Watch.

Step 11: Final Video to Watch.

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