Introduction: Mason Jar Edison Lamp

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Hi guys, I'm proud and happy to show you my new instructable.

This year, for Christmas I decided to build the presents by myself. I like woodworking, I'm not an expert or a professional, but I keep trying =). That is why I chose to start this project by building a wood box as a base for a lamp. I chose a 40W Edison light bulb, it isn’t the greenest, eco-friendly way but tungsten filament is very decorative and it provides a warm golden light. To protect the light bulb and have a better diffusion of the light, I looked for glass dome. The solution I find was using Le Parfait Mason jar.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

The wooden box

I don't have so much time for DIY because of my job, so I decided to buy cheap wood box and adorn them with pyrographied glued laminated pine wood. I’ve bought them on

The electrical part

I bought light bulbs on Amazon and wires, plugs, switches and light bulb mounts at Leroy Merlin (a French DIY shop).

Mansion jar

The Light bulb is big that I selected 2L Le Parfait Mason jar. I bought it at Mr Bricolage (another French DIY shop), but you can get them on internet.


I used soldering iron, drill and jigsaw. These tools can be dangerous: SAFETY FIRST

Step 2: The Box

I cut different parts of glued laminated pine wood with jigsaw to
totally cover the box. I drill screws holes to prevent the wood from splitting. Then I assemble every part into a box except the top. I drill a hole on the side of the box and another in the center of the top part to pass the wire.

Step 3: Electrical Part an Mason Jar

On the top wooden part (not fixed to the box yet) I place the Mason jar lid and drill 3 screws holes and one big hole in the centre to pass the wire and put the light bulb mount. I put on the wire through the “side hole” and through the “top hole”. I connect the wire to the light bulb mount and now I can fix the top part to the rest of the box. I drill screws holes on the lip and screw the light bulb mount to the box. Then I just have to put a light bulb and screw the Mason jar to the lid !

Step 4: Pyrography and Completion

I had previously prepared different drawings and had printed them in the size needed. I used adhesive tape to wedge my printed drawings on the box and I moisten the paper with water to prevent the paper from burning. Now I just have to follow the printed lines with my soldering iron. When pyrography is completed, I sand the edges and the sides of the box, then I apply teak oil to protect the wood. It's done !

My English isn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;)

Thank you very much for reading, I hope I gave you some homemade gifts ideas !

If you liked this intructable and if you have any questions or tips please leave me a comment and don’t forget to vote for it :P !

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