Manual Controller for SRM-20




Introduction: Manual Controller for SRM-20

This is a Manual controller for CNC milling machine, SRM-20.

SRM-20 is a product of Roland D.G. and It have a slot for inserting Arduino UNO.

We made a prototyping of Manual controller.

Step 1: Rotary Encoder

First, we prepared some parts. Most important parts are "Rotary Encoder".

It's detect the rotation of dial wheel and the direction.

We picked out 3 rotary encoders for each axis, X, Y, Z from 3 piece of PC-mouse.

Step 2: Making Enclosure and Dial Wheel.

We made dial wheel and enclosure by CNC milling.

First, we formed the 3d-model of them by using sketch up.

Step 3: Connect to SRM-20 Main Board

It is connected to SRM-20 by using Arduino UNO Digital input pins.

Finally we developed the program on Arduino IDE.

It can move by rotating each wheel.

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