Many Faces of Sugru Pt. 2- Snorkle

Introduction: Many Faces of Sugru Pt. 2- Snorkle


Pool Noodle

PVC Pipe (x3)

PVC Elbows (x3)

PVS Connector (x1)

SUGRU! (6 packets)

Step 1:

Attach the PVC pipes together with connector and elbows to

make the body of the snorkle.

Step 2:

Place Sugru around each transition area to make the snorkel watertight.

Don’t forget to create a stopper above the snorkle’s floatation device!

Step 3:

Once the Sugru sets test out your creation for any air bubbles! Once

you’re sure it’s properly sealed, take it for a swim!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like you're having fun with sugru. Has anyone taken this snorkel into a pool or lake and tried it out?