Introduction: Mapping a Little Kid's Imaginary Friend

About: I have four little sisters right now. One died in the womb. My name is Asher Kiel.

Little kids are weird. One of their weirdest traits are imaginary friends. I wanted to learn a little about my little sister's imaginary friend, E. This is how to learn a bit about E.

Step 1: Name

What is it's name? E's name is E Eeiv.

Step 2: Birth

Ask for birth day and place. E was born in Africa and was born Jan 25, 2006.

Step 3: Look

Ask if friend is animal or human. If human ask about hair, skin, and eyes. If animal ask what animal and what mix and color. E is human, long brown hair, purple eyes, pitch black skin. She is a girl.

Step 4: Home

Where do they live? E lives in Lake Tahoe in a castle.

Step 5: Avatar

Use a avatar platform to make a rough picture. Then show them, change it. Then you can make a STL or OBJ and 3D print it. This is E. I used a TinkerCad file that I changed a little.

Congrats! You met your young friends imaginary friend. E Eeiv was named after Evey her friend, who is four, and tried to play while I asked her questions.

Step 6: Credits

Credit to TinkerCad and the co-author, Evey. This is a picture of her stealing a cookie. With sugar on top. Not funny. A huge mess.

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