Introduction: Marbelized Tie-Dye With Shaving Cream

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My kids love playing with shaving cream and since I hate shaving that is fine by me. We have been adding all kinds of things to shaving cream lately - watercolor, paper, dirt, flowers and of course dump trucks. One day I had an idea after an afternoon making marbled paper using the kids leftover shaving cream and paint concoctions - what if I added dye to shaving cream and dunked a T-shirt in? Could this be a new and exciting spin to the old standby tie-dye? I was about to find out.

Step 1: Shaving Cream

Fill a disposable tray with shaving cream. The cheap stuff is fine, just make sure it is not gel. One you have covered the bottom of the tray use something flat like a squeegee or spatula to smooth out the shaving cream. Much like icing a cake.

Step 2: Add Your Dye

I used three different colors of fabric dye. A random pattern on top of your shaving cream is fine. I added less water than the bottles of dye called for. You don't want too much water or your shaving cream will turn to liquid and you want it fluffy. Also, if you are outside like I was work quick in the heat or that will melt your cream too.

Step 3: Marbelize

Using something like a bamboo skewer add crosshatching to your shaving cream and dye. This step is what gives it the marbled effect.

Step 4: Dip Your Shirt

Gently press a pre-washed damp shirt into your shaving cream and dye. If you want to re-dip another section to add more dye be sure to try not and disturb the dye you already added. Set aside for 6ish hours.

Step 5: Wash and Wear

Follow the dye manufacturers instructions for washing your shirt. An all new spin on dying clothing. Cool tie-dye effect without the rubber bands.

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