Introduction: Marble Cannon

How to create a marble cannon and equations of said marble cannon.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

-Base 2X4 Should be cut at 20 in.

-Support 2X4at 8 in

-1-inch PVC pipe cut at 11 in

-Support board at 18 in

-Metal beams at 20 in

-1 in dowel rod cut at 7 in

Surgical tubing cut at 20 in

Step 2: Assembly

-Duct tape and zip tie PVC pipe to smaller 2x4

-Attach eyelets to smaller 2x4

-drill surgical tubing into dowel rod and hook to eyelets

-attach door hinge to larger 2x4 and smaller on the ends

-attach the metal beams to the 8-inch 2x4 then attach to base 2x4

-Use small dowel rod as holder of the cannon

Step 3: Formulas