Introduction: Marble Cannon Project Jeremy P

This is the marble cannon project for Mr. Bodenschatz Honors Physics Class

Step 1: Step 1: Acquire the Necessary Materials

Two Foot and Half Inch PVC Pipe

Six Screws

Four Rubber Bands

Half Inch Dowel Rod

Wood Base

One Threaded Rod

Gorilla Tape

Wood Stands

Hot Glue

Step 2: Step 2: Take Measurements and Adjust Accordingly

Measure and cut a Five and a half by ten inch base of wood

Measure and cut 18 inch PVC pipe, now you'll have an 18 inch and six-inch pipe

Measure and cut out two ten-inch wood sides

Measure and cut a 13.5-inch dowel rod

Assemble All Your Pieces

Step 3: Step 3: Assembly of All Necessary Pieces

First, drill a hole on the bottom of each side of the wooden base and screw in a wooden stand on each side

Next, drill a hole at the top of each wooden stand and screw in the six-inch PVC pipe

Leave two screws just barely attached to the top of each side of the wooden stands

Then, put the dowel rod through the 18 inch PVC pipe piece

Drill a hole about four inches from the bottom of the dowel rod and put the threaded rod through the hole of the rod

Attach a nut on both sides of the threaded rod

Then, hot glue the 18 inch PVC pipe to the six-inch PVC pipe

Wrap electrical tape around the PVC pipes to firm the hot glue.

Attach two rubber bands on both sides from the outer screws to the threaded rod

Secure the rubber bands by placing a nut on the outside of the rubber bands

Step 4: Step 4: Beginning Test Shoots and Make Necessary Adjustments

Testfire the different distance increments

Mark your pullback distance from your dowel rod

Step 5: Step 5: Final Test and Adjustments