Introduction: Marble Machine Made With Copper Wire

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link

I write this Instructable because I made a sculpture in 2016 and I would like to share it. I'm not going to explain exactly how to do it because it's quite complicated.

Watch the video to understand how this machine works, and you can try to make a similar machine if you want.

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Step 1: How I Made It?

I didn't use any plans to make this sculpture. I used copper wire that I welded with tin.

Watch the video to see how I made this machine.

Step 2: How Can You Make It? (material)

To make a sculpture similar to mine, you need 1.5mm diameter copper wire, scissors, a soldering iron, and tin to weld.

I used scissors to cut the copper wire but it is better to use a pliers.

Step 3: Use Copper Wire

When unwinding copper wire, the wire is twisted. This is a big problem, because sometimes you need straight wire to make a sculpture.

Fortunately there is a solution, first cut a piece of copper wire, then put one end of the wire in a drill and hold the other end firmly with a clamp, finally start the drill and make turn the wire several times. (10 or 20 times)

Step 4: Use Your Imagination

To make a sculpture, you need imagination. You can make abstract shapes or ball tracks by making rails. But you can also make sculpture inspired by nature, walk in the forest and observe nature. You can for example make a sculpture in the form of tree or birds.

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