Introduction: Marble Magnets- 4 Ways!

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I have a ton of these large half marbles laying around my house. But what can I do with them? Well I finally figured it out. Magnets! There are three ways to use marbles, and one 3D way. The crab is simply a plastic figure with a magnet hot glued on the back, but the other ones I thought I'd do a tutorial for. I have nothing else to say, so let's go!

Step 1: Materials!

You will need:

Printed designs (make sure to make them SUPER tiny)

Half marbles (mine are one inch wide)

School Glue

Hot glue

Magnet of some kind

Step 2: Designs

Lay your marbles over your designs and trace around with a pencil. Once you have that set then cut out the circles. MAKE SURE you know which marble went to which design. I did not. I had to put every piece of paper up to each marble to figure out whose magnet was whose.

Step 3: Glue!

Put a dot of school glue on the design side of your paper. Then stick it firmly on the magnet. Going from the center, smooth the glue out so it is flat on the back. Let it dry.

Step 4: Magnets

Using hot glue, apply the magnet to the back of your marble.

Step 5: Display Proudly!

This is self explanatory.

Step 6: And If You Like...

If you like you can take words from an old book and use the same technique. Just make sure you put some paint over the words otherwise the magnet will show through. You can also make dragon eye magnets using part of one of my previous tutorials. I show you how to make the dragon eye marble in my Clay Dragon Eye tutorial. I also included the crab to show you that you can take any old figure from the dollar store and make fashionable magnets out of those as well. If you want to see more tutorials like this, check out my other instructables as well as my blog:

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