Introduction: Marble Maze

This is a fun and easy marble maze that you can make at home for all to enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need

What you will need:

1. cardboard box

2. (optional) Paint

3.Popsicle stick (your choice of size)

4. Strong glue

5. marble

Step 2: Steps!

How to:

  • If you want to you can paint your box, but do this first.
  • Next you have to make a maze design.
  • Now go ahead and glue your popsicle sticks on their sides so it makes a boarder for marble to roll through without going over the edge.
  • Glue the popsicle stick in the same pattern as you maze design.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Once dry you can now play your game.
  • Set the marble at your starting point.
  • Tilt to make the marble move through the maze.
  • Now you have made a fun and easy marble maze.