Introduction: Mardi Gras Beads Star Necklace

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I don't have much experience jewelry making. I have always enjoyed Mardi Gras beads. You often see them at festivities and parties, which for me creates a very positive association. I came up with this while meditating on what brings me happiness on the bus to a party.  You can of course do much more elaborate things with these beads but this is a great place to start. This is fun simple project that isn't much work. Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


One or more Mardi Gras bead necklaces. Most necklaces I have seen work with this project. That said the spacing between beads on the necklace can be important. Too close and this project is very difficult too far and the twists won't hold.

Dexterous hands


Step 2: The First Loop

If there is a clear join point for the necklace I like to start at the opposite side of the necklace so that point will sit behind my neck. You may want to do this project while wearing the necklace so that you don't struggle getting it onto your neck. The optional last step provides an alternative clasp like mechanism.

Segment off four beads. At the cord join of the upper beads  twist the segments together. I do this twice to enforce the twist's hold. You can do additional twists but you may break the cord. Some beads lose paint during the rub of the twist so watch out if you don't want a glitter effect on your clothes.

Step 3: Additional Loops

Repeat the previous step with the bead one over from your first loop. If you are minding a join point do this to beads on both sides of the first loop. I usually just keep making loops in one direction.  I also tend to do all my twists in the same direction. You can get some interesting tension by mixing up the direction of rotation in your twist for different loops. You can also use more the 4 beads in a loop (5 has a nice dangley quality) or change the spacing of the loops. 4 beads with a single bead spacing produces a consistent star result.

When you get 5 loops proceede to next step

Step 4: Closing the Star

Bring the opposite highest up loops and twist the adjacent cord together twice use that bead and the beads adjacent to make the top loop finishing your star. This final loop is also necessary for the necklace to sit flat.

Step 5: Attachment

 At the segment of the necklace most opposite to your finished star find the cord segment between the two beads that sit at this point. use a scissors or force (can be accomplished by over twisting these two beads repeatedly though you lose two beads with this method) to separate

Step 6: Final Note

Congratulations on finishing your Mardi Gras star necklace. There are lots of other projects/jewelry you can make with these strings of beads but you are off to a great start. I would also like to note that you can also wear this as a bracelet or anklet. Enjoy!!!
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