Introduction: Simple Beer Margaritas

Making these margaritas is a breeze. They are simple and delicious, and they can even be made in less than 5 minutes! This recipe is for one pitcher and can be enjoyed with 2 to 4 people.

Pictured above is the ingredient list. Assuming you have cups, a knife, and cutting board, you will also need the following:

- 12oz of tequila (we got Jose Cuervo Gold, but anything will do) (also, a fifth will make two pitchers)

- 12oz bottle of beer (we usually use Dos Equis or Corona)

- 12oz can of frozen limeade concentrate

- 12oz of water

- Pitcher

- Stirring spoon

- Lime

- Salt (you can buy a container of margarita salt in the alcohol aisle or use regular salt)

- Ice

- Thirst for delicious margaritas

Step 1: Add the Limeade Concentrate

It can be chilled or frozen for this step, but if it is frozen then your margaritas will be that much colder when they are done.

Step 2: Pour in That Beer of Yours

The colder the better, just make sure you get all 12oz in the pitcher.

Step 3: Tequila Time

Using the limeade container as your measuring cup, pour 12 oz of tequila into the pitcher

Step 4: It's Break Time

Do the math, a fifth is 25oz and you only need 24oz for two pitchers, so go ahead and take a shot now.

Step 5: Add the Water

Again, using the limeade container, measure out 12oz of water for the pitcher. We used tap water, and it tasted great.

Tip: For extra special margaritas, use bottled Fiji water. We don't know why, it just sounds better.

Step 6: Stir It Up

The limeade concentrate will settle to the bottom, and if its frozen you will need to break it up. Stir the pitcher until you have an even consistency.

Tip: Stir before each pour for the best taste since the limeade will continue to settle.

Step 7: Slice a Lime to Make It Fancy (optional)

Cut the lime into wedges. We are assuming you can sort this out if you are making margaritas.

Tip: Lime is needed if you want salt on the rim.

Step 8: Salt the Rim to Make It Official (optional)

Take a lime wedge and rub it around the rim of your glass. (The rim needs lime juice on it for the salt to stick, the amount of juice/salt is up to you.) Flip the glass over and twist it around in the salt to evenly apply salt to the rim.

Tip: You can buy a container of margarita salt in the alcohol aisle like we did or sprinkling regular salt on a plate works just as well

Step 9: Add Ice, Pour, Throw the Lime In, and Enjoy!

Let us know how it goes and if you love them as much as we do!

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