Introduction: Marie Kondo Folding Template. More Order and Less Entropy Around You!

At now many years have passed ever since I was a student. Of course it is not that it changed so much!

Fewer parties and more commitments, but in the end I was always the same. I remember that the most complicated thing at the time was able to maintain order in my room.

One of the many things to do was ironing my suits! It 'umpteenth weekend spent tidying my clothes, that with a little cardboard, pencil and a ruler had drawn a template to fold my T-shirts.

Now that we are in 2016 I have improved the method by using the tips of Marie Kondo, a Japanese girl devoted to the order in the house and within themselves.

In the images you can see the final result of the method. My drawer and that one of my daughter who alone has prepared the template and it folde her T-shirt and leggins with the same method.

Step 1: Intro - We Need an Easy Methot

Let's start off with the list of equipment needed,

- Cardboard

- Scissors

- Pencil

- T-Shirt or Shirt

I focused on the T-shirts because they are the most complicated things to be bent. The same thing can be done for shirts, but for that I prefer to stop the method at the Point 4! Classic folding.

Step 2: Step 1 - the Stancil

Take one of your shirts and measured the width of the collar, and ad to it 3 cm for side. In my case 24 cm (Image 1)

Fold it in half and made another measure. This is less critical, since you can adjust the length by removing the cardboard during the operation of bending In my case 35 cm (Image 2)

We report measurements on the cardboard and cut it with scissors. (Image 3)

After this this you could customize it to avoid confusing your template with the other occupants of the house. Maybe your name is anough (Image 4)

Step 3: Step 2 - Let's Start With the Folding

Let's put all on the ironing board or on a table, and let's start. Turn on some good music or your TV and begin to folde. I think the sequence of photos is clearer than any other explanation.

Point 1) Lay the shirt ( with back up!)

Point 2) Center the cardboard with the top of the collar (Image 5)

Point 3) Fold the first side, place the sleeve and continue with the second side (Image 6 and 7)

Point 4) folded in half to match the shirt up to the bottom with the top one. (For the folded shirts for about 20 cm the final part before folding in half) (Image 8)

At this point the shirt will be perfectly folded, but above all your shirts will be folded with the same measure. Miracle! (Image 9)

For those who prefer the classic folding you can stop here.

Step 4: Step 3 - Marie Kondo's Method

However, we now see the application of the Marie Kondo's method

Point 5) Have a look of you foldet T-shirt and imagine you to divide your shirt into three parts (Image 10)

Point 6) Now folded it again, starting from the end of the shirt collar. (Image 11)

Point 7) At Now the magic thing! You will see that so folded, the shirt can be placed vertically and disposed in a drawer without that the meshes overlap with each other. (Image 12)

Now you no longer have to overlap in the drawers all your shirts, and from this time, to find your favorite T-shirt, you do not have a wrinkle all other T-shirts (Image 13)

Now I leave to you to expand the ideas to extend the method to towels, pants etc ... or use other material instead of cardboard.

Post your ideas and share your results with me and all users.

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