Introduction: Marimba

The marimba is one ohf the best instruments around the world. The marimba is the best crafts that Guatemala have.
The sounds of the marimba are unparalleled and is one patriotic symbol.

Step 1: Materials

To make a marimba they have to have all the materials, they are:
Tacks or screws
Wood blocks to make the sound (We bought it because the preparation is from 6 to 12 months)
Carpenter glue

Step 2: Prepare to Measure

To make a marimba we have to prepare all the materials to start
Starts measuring the wood.

This step is important because if the measurements are not exact marimba sounds not normally sound like.

Also your measurements have to be exact to be achieved rather see pretty messy, this affects the presentation of it.

Step 3: Ready to Prepare the Marimba

To start to assemble the marimba, you need to divide the parts we cut the wood and put it where it belongs, this will help to leave orderly.
You must use appropriate tools for wood is not damaged and its sound is still the representative of Guatemalan folklore.

Step 4: Ready to Cut

To start to prepare the marimba we see clearly that we miss the correct measures.

We started cutting wood and shaping the blocks measures purchased

Before you start you get organized where each piece goes and take enough rubber and put the ropes and studs required.

Step 5: Painting

Before you paint you need to check the sound, because if it does not work, paint it would be a big mistake, as it would be a great loss of paint and wood.
Need to start painting brushes and paint to suit the client, you need a special kind of paint that does not damage the wood and their sound is the usual

Step 6: Ready for Touch

To play the marimba made ​​need two wooden sticks tipped Car gut.

Learning to play the marimba is complicated because it has various combinations of notes, and learn is difficult, it takes many years to learn, and other years to put it into practice