Introduction: SAVE MONEY - DIY Marine Outboard Engine Oil Change

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For all of those who have a boat, we know the expenses that can build up from ownership. With yearly engine maintenance as one of those expenses, here is a quick tutorial on how to cut costs. It is recommended to change the engine oil once a year. The cost of oil and oil filter will cost give/take $100 PLUS the cost of a mechanic to change the oil at $100/hour! Some shops will charge 1-1.5 hours for the work. That's $200-$250 for an oil change!!

This quick tutorial will show how to change the oil yourself with NO MESS and save you money! (sorry, still have to buy the oil and filter...)

PRO TIP: The $18 Tilt-N-Drain Kit (or a hose to fit firmly over the drain spout) is a game-changer! It will save time, MONEY, and a mess. This is a very easy to do process.

Level: Novice

Step 1:

Parts/ Materials/ Tools

  • Tilt-N-Drain Kit
  • Oil Change kit (Yamaha sells kits that include the oil filter & engine oil)
  • Oil pan (preferably with pour spout for easy clean-up)
  • Socket set with extension bar
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Funnel

Step 2:

  1. With the engine in the upright (stored) position, place the drain pan beneath the foot/propeller.
  2. Using the extension bar and correct socket, remove the hex nut inside of the drain spout on the engine.
  3. If the engine is not tilted up, oil will immediately start to pour out!!
  4. Align the drain hose over the top of the engine drain spout and align the other end of the hose into the drain pan below.

Step 3:

  1. Ensuring that the bottom of the drain hose is in the drain pan and the top of the drain hose is around the engine drain spout, begin to lower the engine into the vertical position.
  • As you do so, the engine oil will begin to drain from the engine.

2. Once all engine oil has been drained, tilt the engine back into the tilted position and remove the drain hose.

Step 4:

  1. Secure engine oil plug back into the engine and firmly tighten
  2. Tilt the engine back down into the vertical position

Step 5:

  1. Remove the cowling from the top of the engine
  2. Using a socket set or the oil filter wrench (depending on how your filter is attached), replace the oil filter with the new oil filter firmly tighten filter into place

Step 6:

  1. Remove the oil cap and insert funnel.
  2. SLOWLY pour required amount of oil into the engine.
  3. Once the proper amount of oil has been added, cap off the oil port and reattach the engine cowling.
  4. The used engine oil and be poured back into the empty oil containers.
  5. Properly dispose of the used engine oil to a local automotive shop.DONE.

You just saved $100-$150 off the price of an oil change.

Step 7: Pro Tip

  • Wear rubber or latex gloves to help prevent oil on your hands. This will help ensure a cleaner process.
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