Introduction: Marine Corps Survival Kit

information frome USMC Summer survival guide

Step 1: S Carabeener

 this is an S carabiner it can be used for many things like attaching paracord to a tarp or or many other things.

Step 2: First Aid Kit

This is the first aid kit it can help you save fingers and scrapes.

Step 3: Sewing Kit

can help repair clothes tents and your body 

Step 4: Signaling Mirror

if lost can use this instructions on the back

Step 5: Plastic Bag

think what you can do with it  like storing water

Step 6: Emergency Blanket

keeps in body heat 

Step 7: PARA CORD !!!!!!!!!

so useful use it for anything be creative but conservative 

Step 8: Fire Making Stuff

flint and steel and cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly or hand sanitizer