Introduction: Mario Bros. Box

This is my first Instructable and I thought of it one evening whilst browsing through the competitions on this site and had the idea. I hope you enjoy building it as much as I have.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
  • Glue or nails
  • 2.5mm x 10 wood screws
  • Safmat self-adhesive printing film
  • 25mm Side Hook
  • 25mm Butt hinges x2


  • Jig or Coping saw
  • Scissors or crafts knife
  • Hammer (if you're using nails
  • Pencil
  • Access to a printer
  • Access to a computer
  • Screwdriver
Think about how big you are building your box.

Step 2: Cutting

I am making my box 15cm x 15cm x 15cm so once you've drawn out the lines, cut it. Keep a steady hand and try not to make it too wobbly.

Be very careful when cutting the wood especially when cutting it with a jig-saw. For your safety wear googles and gloves as I'm not taking any responsibility for injuries.

Step 3: Sticking on the Picture

Get your Safmat and print onto the slightly more waxy side. Take it out of the printer and let it dry for a minute then, with the scissors or craft knife, cut it out - it doesn't matter if there is a tiny bit of white showing when you cut it, because when you peel it off, it won't be visible.

Step 4: Assembly Part 1

To start assembling this, you either need to nail it or glue it. I am glueing it because it's just as easy and it works just as well. If you are nailing, use a small enough nail so it doesn't split the wood. If you are glueing, make sure you do it in a stable way.

Step 5: Assembly Part 2

You now need to attach the hinges. place the hinges in the position and place that you want and, with your pencil, draw in the hole where your screws will go to mark it. Screw in the bottom first, then the top making sure that it isn't too wonky but a little wonk is fine. Test it to make sure it works, then proceed to the final step.

Step 6: Final Step

get your hook, 25mm x 10mm screw and another screw lying around that isn't too small but also not too big and mark out where you are attaching them using the same method as before. Screw them in and, once again, check it works. If it does, you have finished.

I hope that you've enjoyed making this as much as I have and i hope to make more Instructables in the future. But for now, don't forget to vote for my build as I've worked very hard on it and I hope you have good fun. Thank you.

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