Introduction: Mario Kart Themed Seat

Mario Kart is an excellent game, and just like most great games, we've all wanted to be in it... But if you were actually in the game, but that'd be very dangerous... That's why I made a Mario Kart gaming seat. This way, I can be in the game without putting myself in Danger!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials.

My Mario Kart will be made out of PVC pipe, so I'm going to need:

  • about 50 ft of 1.5 in PVC pipe
    • 8 "+" connectors
    • 11 "T" connectors
    • 7 45° "Elbow" connectors
    • 6 90° "Elbow" connectors
    • 5 PVC "caps"
  • 1 banana shaped gaming chair
  • A Wii
  • A TV
  • 4 Home Depot bucket lids
  • 4-5 1.5 in Wood Screws

The rest is optional, but it helps make the experience unique.

  • an old fidget spinner
  • A Wii Wheel

Step 2: Cut Your PVC

In order to get the right shape, you need to cut you PVC into a few certain lengths.

  • 5 2 ft lengths
  • 14 6 in lengths
  • 12 2 in lengths
  • 3 15 in length
  • 1 13 in length
  • 4 4 in lengths
  • 2 10 in lengths
  • 4 3 in lengths
  • 2 20 in lengths
  • 4 17 in lengths

Step 3: Assemble the Kart Frame

You simply follow the directions laid out.

You need 8 legs. 4 legs where the wheels will be (these are the outer legs) You also need 4 inner legs supporting the seat.

Step 4: Add the Wheels and Place the Seat

To add the wheels, you simply screw them onto the outer legs. After that, you place the seat. If you want, you can call it a day, and play Mario Kart with your preferred controller setting, however, you can keep going with this and mount a Wii wheel!

Step 5: OPTIONAL! Mount the Wii Wheel

Here's what you're going to need to do: Take off the the finger pads of the Fidget Spinner, and drill the screw where it usually goes while also drilling it into a PVC cap. After that, you just mount the Wii Wheel with some tape, and pop the cap onto the PVC! You're done! Turn on your Wii, and play the game! Have fun!

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