DIY Mario Kart Toad + Toadette Mushroom Hat

Introduction: DIY Mario Kart Toad + Toadette Mushroom Hat

This is a super cheap and easy way to make a Mushroom hat for a toad and or toadette costume....

Step 1: Supplies You Need:

1. Bowl - Something that can fit over your head, a size that you are happy with. It depends if you want a smaller or bigger "mushroom" head. Mine was about $1.50

2. Stuffing - I bought some pillow stuffing for 3 bucks (you can get this in the pillow or sewing section section)

3. Fabric. - I have a pink stretchy fabric for toadette and a normal white fabric for toad. I also have a little bit of white and red fabric for the circles on top of their mushroom heads.

4. A Stapler and or glue (I had a hot glue gun and a fabric glue) and or needle and thread. Its really all about how you wanna tackle this part.

Step 2: Making the "Mushroom" Part of the Hat

1. Cut your piece of fabric. For Toadette, I ended up cutting the pink fabric in a large square and for Toad I cut the white fabric into a large circle.

2. Lay it down flat and put stuffing down in a circle shape.

3. Put your bowl on top.

4. Put stuffing in the bowl as well, you can either attempt glueing it or just put it in the and press it towards the sides.

Step 3: Wrapping the Bowl

1. Once all of the stuffing is in place, you want to gather it and pull it towards the inside.

2. I did a few things and sort of winged this part. Obviously your goal is for it to be taught and stay in place. with the stretchy pink fabric for toadette I stapled all of the folded pieces to itself, so it would be tight. For toads white fabric I was able to glue the fabric to the inside of the bowl to make it tight. I also sewed the folded fabric so it would be tighter but it wasn't necessary, just seemed a little more secure.

TIP: The best glue to use is apparently JBWeld. For some reason the hot glue wasnt as easy to work with. Fabric glue is best for glueing the fabric to itself, especially on the stretchy fabric.

Step 4: Circles!

1. Find something around the house that you can trace a circle with.

2. Cut out your circle .

3. Glue your circle, I used this tacky glue which is good with fabric, and it works sooo well.

Tuh-Duh! Mushroom hats are finished!!

TIP: Try your hat on ahead of time and pick where you want the front to be and place the circles where they look best while your hat is on (dont glue it yet, just place it) then when you take it off, you'll know where they should go. I didn't do this for the toadettes pink one and I ended up glueing them to high on the head, which is hard to see in pictures :( I used 5 for circles for toads hat which, I think, looks better than the 4 I used for toadettes. To each their own though.

Overall I feel like this was a much easier, cheaper (in total it cost about 11 bucks) approach to making a mushroom hat than I have seen on here, so I decided to make an instructable for others to use! Enjoy

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    7 years ago on Step 4

    WOW that help so muck my kid wanted tp be toad for howlween


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! This is a great way to make a simple mushroom hat. You cannot go wrong with any Mario-themed costume. Great work!