Introduction: Mario LCD Book

Materials Required:

Arduino Uno



1 LCD 16x2 White on Blue

16 wires



Exacto knife

Step 1: Schematic

Refer to this schematic while connecting the circuit.

Step 2: Breadboard

Step 3: Build It

Follow the schematic and images while connecting the circuit. Soldering is not necessary- just curve/fold the wires into the LCD screen pins.

Step 4: Download the Code

Step 5: Build the Box

Cut open a hole in the box on the top and on the side, equal to the size of the LCD screen and the USB.

Step 6: Ready to Use!

Now your box/book is ready to be used :)

Remember, to make the book more mobile you can attach a battery instead of plugging in the Arduino every time into a computer.

Things we would change in the future:

If we had more materials such as a sensor that would turn on the screen when the book is opened, it would be a great interactive feature to make the book more fun for children.

Currently we have a potentiometer that can dim the screen, and make Mario disappear, however, in the future we would like to add a big button that could turn the screen on or off, which would also make the book more accessible and interactive.

If we were able to solder the wires then we would able to make the wires more compact, and not as messy in the box, that would also allow us to get a thinner box, that would also be more accessible for the user to get to the hardware.